Making Your Government Work for You

Braddock District deserves an elected official who will keep them informed of the important issues facing the community and include them in the decision making process.

  • Keep You Informed: Regularly send out the “Braddock Beacon” and “Cook Advisories” and host community meetings on every development application and major County issues to keep residents informed.
  • Value Your Input: Established a citizen Land Use Committee to make recommendations on all development applications. Created additional citizen committees to direct the process for specific infrastructure projects in the district.
  • Respond to Community Problems: Continually address issues that arise in the community in a quick and effective fashion, such as leading the effort to train school crossing guards and return them to the streets to help our children get to school safely.
  • Meet Your Needs: Solve resident problems with snow removal, storm drainage, park and trail disrepair, illegal boarding houses and other zoning violations.