Our Neighborhoods

Ensuring our Braddock neighborhoods stay safe and vibrant has always been, and will always be my first priority. That means ensuring that none of our neighbors are forgotten.

  • Neighborhood Safety: Designed, passed and implemented a countywide neighborhood anti-speeding initiative to slow down unsafe drivers on our neighborhood streets.
  • Domestic Violence Prevention: Continue to be the leading County advocate for domestic violence and sexual violence awareness, serving on the Domestic Violence Prevention Policy Coordinating Council.
  • Enforce Zoning Code: Maintain commitment to zoning code enforcement and providing support to Homeowners and Civic associations.
  • Mental Health Awareness: Encourage greater awareness and understanding of those who suffer from mental health issues, and seek greater opportunities for those with physical and mental disabilities. Advocate for training for our police officers so that they are able to deal appropriately with mentally ill suspects to reduce violence. Support the new Veteran’s court docket and a new Mental Health Court to provide treatment instead of incarceration for those committing less serious crimes due to mental illness.
  • Develop New Leaders: Through popular Neighborhood College program, will train and inspire 100 new community leaders so that they can galvanize their neighborhoods and pursue their own visions for improvement.
  • Privacy Rights: will seek to restrict police retention of license plate and cell phone data to protect our civil liberties.