Rebuilding our Infrastructure

We may not always think about it, but our infrastructure is a critical part of every day life. Its what gets us to work, its where our children learn, and its where we go to have fun. That’s why its continual maintenance and improvement will always have my attention.

  • Improve Your Commute: , I will push forward with a new System Plan to enhance and expand commuter rail. I also support the Momentum plan to rebuild Metro’s core capacity to better serve commuters.
  • Make School Renovations a Priority: I co-chaired the Supervisors-School Board Infrastructure Financing Committee, which developed a plan that would generate over $20 million in additional funds for school renovations, realized through reallocation of funds – not additional taxes. I will continue to push for its implementation.
  • Redevelop Lake Accotink Park: Will engage the community in an effort to re-plan Lake Accotink Park and make it a jewel of the County park system that is forward looking, environmentally friendly, and educationally-oriented.
  • Maintain What We Have: Believe we need to increase maintenance of trails, parks, and other County facilities such as the Audrey Moore Recreation Center.
  • Enhance Our Transit Options: Support the Silver Line, I-66 and I-95 Express Lanes, and eventual Bus Rapid Transit Service on the Beltway, Fairfax County Parkway, and Routes 29/50.