On the Issues

John has a plan to keep our communities, and our county, welcoming and vibrant places to live, work and play. Find out where he stands on:

Our Neighborhoods

Ensuring our Braddock neighborhoods stay safe and vibrant has always been, and will always be my first priority. That means ensuring that none of our neighbors are forgotten. Click here to read more.

Tackling Mental Health Issues

In an effort to address mental health issues in Fairfax County, I have long advocated for increasing resources to support those facing mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, depression, and PTSD. To help bring awareness to these issues, I have sought to host public events, include mental health initiatives in other county reforms, and have lead efforts to create systems to protect those most in need. Click here to read more.

Growing the Fairfax Economy

Continued economic growth is critical to maintaining the high quality of life that has attracted us all to Fairfax. We have weathered the recent recession and are in a position to capitalize on opportunities if we make the right investments with our time and money. Click here to read more.

Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

We may not always think about it, but our infrastructure is a critical part of every day life. Its what gets us to work, its where our children learn, and its where we go to have fun. That’s why its continual maintenance and improvement will always have my attention. Click here to read more.

Making Your Government Work For You

Braddock District deserves an elected official who will keep them informed of the important issues facing the community and include them in the decision making process. Click here to read more.